About Us

GA Pro Enterprises has built its reputation on professionalism, outstanding service and premium customer care.  We continually strive to maintain the highest cleaning industry standards.  We commit to being dedicated to serving you with integrity.  Our valued customers deserve nothing less.

As a family owned business with corporate offices located in Cobb County, Georgia, we have over 20 years of experience in the cleaning business under Franchise’s.GA- Pro cleaning services

High Safety Standards

  • We are OSHA compliant.
  • Are bonded for $100,000 to protect you and your staff against theft.
  • Carry $1 Million liability insurance coverage to protect your business.

Committed to Quality

Service Guarantee: We provide a written certificate guaranteeing the quality of our work to customers.  This guarantee is your assurance that you are receiving the most professional commercial cleaning services available, at an affordable price.

Cleaning Technicians:  Our Cleaning Technicians are committed to professionalism, reliability and respect for the care, comfort, maintenance and privacy of your work place.  They are fully trained, experienced and committed to doing the job right the first time.    We motivate our staff to perform at their best by providing a fair compensation package, which includes bonuses for excellence, very few if any companies offer this.

On-Site Inspectors:  Every cleaning of your premises is quality checked by an On-Site Inspector.  The Inspector supervises the team and ensures the safety of your premises by securing all doors and windows and engaging your alarm system.

Team Cleaning Methods:  We send in technicians, each with a specific job function and area of responsibility.  This industry proven approach improves productivity, is cost effective and provides for customer satisfaction.

Equipment & Supplies:  The right equipment makes all the difference.  We only use the best commercial and industrial equipment and supplies in the industry.  High powered “wide mouth” vacuums capture up to 50% more dirt than traditional uprights.  Go green!  We offer 100% natural cleaning product solutions for your business.

Choosing a Service Provider Partner

Selecting a commercial cleaning service provider isn’t as straight forward as it may sound.  In today’s marketplace, there are so many choices available.  Choosing the right partner to look after your company’s professional image should not come down to just which company offered the cheapest quote.

When entrusting your business premises, expensive business equipment, supplies and computer hardware, you should know that the company you’re entrusting with “after hours” access (including your alarm code and key) is reputable.

Get a free quote on our commercial cleaning services!  Call us today at (678) 599-4880.